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Configure your Softphone

Before you can login to Mobility, you must configure it in the admin portal. Mobility can only be configured for users who have a JiveID.

Download Mobility at or search for "Jive Mobility" in your appropriate device's app store.

Enabling a softphone will incur a one-time $20 fee per JiveID (per user), added to your account's next bill.

1. After the Mobility tab has been enabled in your PBX (see note above), visit your admin portal at

2. Select the Users tab and navigate to the user who will use the softphone.

3. Select the Jive Mobility tab from your User screen.

4. Check the box next to Enable Jive Mobility softphoneNote that this setup will incur a one-time fee.

5. Mobility works by mirroring an existing device in the Jive system. Select a device that mobility will clone from the list. Many users will have a single device to choose from.

6. Click Save.



Use Mobility

  1. Open your Mobility app.
  2. Log in using your JiveID (an email address registered with the Jive system). Do not attempt to login with your phone number.
  3. Begin using Mobility. 

Return to the Mobility home page to select your platform and see user guides for making calls, using video, adjusting your settings, etc.